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About 300 German universities are associated with universities and other institutions abroad on a partnership basis.

Since 2009, the HRK's Audit "Internationalisation of Universities" has been supporting German universities in strategically aligning their internationalisation and in embedding the international partnerships into the daily life of the institution.

Here you will find the international partnerships of the German universities.


  • Notes on search criteria

    Name – Entry of the name or part of it (in German)

    Location – Entry of the place name or part of it (in German)

    Type – Selection from the list below

    Type of control – Selection from a list

    Federal state – Selection from a list of the 16 federal states in Germany


    Using multiple criteria

    You can combine the individual criteria in the search. The logical link is "and".

  • Notes on received results

    In the first step, you will receive a table with one or more German universities in accordance with the selected search criteria.

    In a second step, you will receive a list of the existing cooperation relationships, which is sorted alphabetically according to the complete official name of the German universities. The respective partner institution is also listed.

    In a third step, you will be shown the details of the university cooperation.

    Additional note

    The search also includes those German universities that do not have an agreed relationship with partner institutions abroad. In this case, the search result "Number of agreements" indicates "0" (zero).